Our Story

Ellen and William Lesh LESH acronym

The Lesh Family Foundation (LFF) was founded by Ellen and William Lesh in 1994. Ellen, a Physical Therapist, and William, a Physician, dedicated their lives to providing medical services, immunizations, and rehabilitation to individuals in need. Their service began during the United States Polio Epidemic of the 1940’s. Nowadays the Polio Epidemic in the United States has ended, and the Foundation’s medical assistance programs now focus on the eradication of Tuberculosis (TB). TB is a contagious disease that can be deadly if untreated. Inadequate treatment can leave patients with multi-drug resistant strains of TB which increases this disease an even greater risk. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta says that the current rate of TB in the United States is 4 per 100,000 and the United States has an effective means of treating TB.

In 2008, the LFF had an international branch in the Philippines where the rate of TB was estimated to be 287 per 100,000. Treatment for TB is done with an oral anti-biotic. The diagnosis of TB is complicated. This is why the LFF has focused on organizing medical missions that went out into rural areas of the Philippines. Using volunteer doctors, dentists and mobile x-ray equipment, the LFF provided dental care for people who could not afford to visit dentists, as well as screening for TB, other contagious diseases, and cardiac disease.

The LFF International (LFFI) had also established a permanent clinic to treat and give out free medications for the women and children of Zambuangita, Negros Oriental, Philippines. This clinic provided care for more than 1200 women and children.

LFF completed the mission and repurposed the clinic building to become the LFF Children’s Home dedicated November 2018. LFF is currently providing support for 16 children and 7 caregivers. Our goal is to provide an atmosphere for growing healthy minds, healthy bodies and healthy spirits.

In addition, the LFF provides community education such as CPR (Basic Life Support- Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) in conjunction with the Philippine National Red Cross Safety Services.

“It really is a great feeling when you have something other than a gift to boast about, and that is the fact that you have given something away freely. Christmas is the time of giving, and in these times of materialism, we must be brought back to the true spirit of Christmas.” -Marivic Nazareno

Moreover, the LFF has a yearly tradition of giving gifts in the Philippines on Christmas! We have been very fortunate to have a Christmas Giveaway every year since 2005. Over 1000 Filipinos queue up on Christmas day to receive food packages, school supplies, candies, medicines, slippers, clothing, hair cuts, and more…

Other aspects of our mission include:

  • Counseling and Adoptions
  • Therapy and equipment for handicapped children
  • Christian broadcasting
  • Providing medical care, food and supplies
  • Renovating orphanages to improve living conditions
  • Educational programs and village ministries
  • Youth Missions
  • Crisis Pregnancy Counseling
  • Evangelism

We depend entirely on donations and 100% of donations are used directly for our programs. Since we are family-run and use volunteers we have no salaried staff. We hope you will support us in our effort to bring light, hope and health to people in way that shows concern for their spiritual and physical well-being.

LFF has presented annual LifeLight Awards to individuals who demonstrate outstanding contributions of their time and talents.

* The Lesh Family Foundation (LFF) operates as a small, family-run Charitable Organization that is recognized by the IRS as a Charitable Foundation under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.