Love for God through
 Education, Music,
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Our Mission…

Ellen and child with Polio

Supporting charitable organizations that further the belief in Christianity and a free and fair Democratic Society.

How we began…

Young Lesh Family

Ellen and William Lesh, as a Physical Therapist and Physician, dedicated their lives in providing medical services, immunizations and rehabilitation to individuals in need. Their service began during the United States Polio Epidemic in of the 1940’s. Their work continues today as the Lesh Family Foundation (LFF).

Lesh Siblings

The Board of Directors carries on the legacy of Ellen and William Lesh and has expanded the focus of the Foundation to include international missions. Our experience and collective degrees in: law, nursing, education, business, theology, and emergency medicine, allows us to actively participate in our mission.

Aspects of our mission include…


Counseling and Adoption

Counseling and Adoptions

The Crisis Pregnancy Center under a new name “Life Solutions” (started by Grandma Ellen’s neighbor). They help young women with OB-GYN deliveries and adoptions and assist those who keep their babies with diapers, formula, cribs etc.

Therapy and Equipment for Handicapped Children

Therapy and Equipment for Children with Disabilities

The program Grandma Ellen started, continues as a division of PAR, providing high risk infant evaluations, assessments and home therapy visits and through PARC who provides job training and education for disabled teens and adults.

Christian Broadcasting

Christian Broadcasting


Providing Medical Care, Food, and Supplies

Providing Medical Care, Food, and Supplies

Metropolitan Ministries, Free Clinic, Salvation Army, Kind Mouse and People Who Love,  provide groceries, hot meals, housing and medical care for those in need.

Renovating Orphanages to Improve Living Conditions

Renovating Orphanages to Improve Living Conditions

Sally House who provides food & housing for orphans.

Educational Programs and Village Ministries

Educational Programs, and Village Ministries

LFF participates in Salvation Army and CASA educational programs providing weekly training in job seeking and GED / PTEC tuition for the homeless.

Youth Missions, International and Local Church Programs

Youth Mission, International and Local Church Programs

LFF volunteers in the annual high school acappella singers camp, high school harmony workshops, community choirs and children’s choir as well as the children’s Christian education program at FCC. Every 3 years FCC youth participate in a local mission, an international mission and CHIC.

*** We have personally handed out food, taught classes, dispensed clothing, prepared hot meals, counseled the unemployed, provided child care, led the children’s choir, chaperoned at music camp, taught at harmony workshops, sung with community choirs and for Hospice patients, rescued animals, listened to the grieving, visited women in prison, comforted the sick & injured, provided school supplies for needy children and teddy bears for hospitalized children.

LFF USA Board Members

Name Role
Karen Lesh Arvidson Chairman of the Board and Manager
Vivian Lesh Missions Chairman
William Lesh Recording Secretary
Susan Lesh Correspondence Secretary

Board Members: Linda Miller, Richard Lesh, Glenda Tayko Lesh Ness, Katie Miller, and Ellen (EJ) Lesh

LFF Advisory council: Richard Lesh

We are unique as a 501(c)(3), in that all administrative costs are covered by the original grantors. Therefore, one hundred percent of all donations are given directly to the charitable purposes described. LFF ensures that all recipients of funding have code section 501(c)(3) tax exempt status. We further guarantee that all organizations receiving funding are carefully screened and operate in compliance with the LFF mission.