About LFF International

Christmas Day Giveaways!

By the Amazing Grace of God, the LFFI has held a Christmas Day Giveaway in the Philippines every year since 2008. Every year more and more Filipinos arrive and receive the gifts that we have prepared. For more than 1000 Filipinos our Giveaway has become a Christmas tradition. During this event we give families grocery items such as rice, noodles, sardines, and we give children clothes, candies, cookies, juice, cakes, toys and school supplies. This is the most joyful event of the year!

Medical Missions

The Lesh Family Foundation International (LFFI) has had three medical missions, and each have been very successful (God willing, we hope to have more!). LFFI organized volunteer doctors and dentists to serve rural areas in the Philippines. Furthermore, the LFFI was able to acquire mobile x-ray equipment for these missions. During each mission, in just one day we were able to help approximately 1000 people by giving them free medical and dental care. While staying under $5,000 USD we supplied these patients with X-rays, blood sugar/pressure/typing tests, Tuberculosis (TB) screenings, simple over the counter medications as well as provided free minor surgery (cyst removal and tooth extraction). A donation of $50 USD can provide highly needed vitamins for 45 children!

Medical Clinic

Medical Clinic Building

Providing Free Medical Care

Since 2009 the LFFI Clinic provides free medical care and essential medications.

Community Outreach

Friendship Homes Orphanage Visit

DSCN7853In 2008 we gave out toys and food to the children staying at the Friendship Homes Orphanage. They were so happy for our visit. They performed songs and danced for us. In return, the LFFI children also danced for everyone.

Provincial Hospital Visit

DSCN7652In 2008 we visited the Provincial Hospital Pediatric Department and gave out over 120 gifts. Everyone was so happy. This was a wonderful visit. We had such a positive experience in 2008, we decided to return in 2009 for a Valentines Day giveaway.

School Supplies Giving

During the medical mission in 2008, we spent a day giving school supplies and candy in neighboring areas for children ages 2 – 12 years old. So many people were so joyful, it was a marvelous time.

LFF International Board Members

Name Role
Rocelio MM Magsayo President
Rodel Lesh Vice-President
Mitchi Tayco Secretary
Yolly Nazareno Treasurer
Maribeth Nazareno Auditor
Ramel Tayko Sports Coordinator/Director
Glenda Tayko Ness Goodwill Ambassador
Ricky Tayko/Jun Jin Nazareno Security
Leo Nazareno Transportation Coordinator
Rudy Bungcasan Construction Consultant
Leolyn Nazareno/Rose Bungcasan Clinic Coordinator
Leah Nazareno Legal Consultant

Board members: Vivivan Lesh, Rose Bungasan, Lina Nazareno, Ofelia Tayko, and Romeo Magsayo

Assistants to the LFFI Board: Ondoy Magsayo and Celia Magsayo